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What is it?

Visitor visa allows visitors to Canada for a temporary period up to 6 months. It is applicable to all travellers to Canada who visit using different modes, except from certain visa exempt countries, who need to get some other form of permission to enter into and reside in Canada. Permanent residents and Canadian citizens do not need permission to enter into Canada. The visitor visa is also called a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Applicants from visa exempt countries can also get an Electronic Travel Authorization.

Who can apply?

The applicants must have a valid travel document such as a passport, which is valid and not expired at the time of application and for the subsequent period of stay.

The applicants must be medically fit. A medical test report is generally not required, except in cases when the applicant is in certain jobs, in which case the applicant has to get a medical report from a panel physician as specified by the Canadian immigration authorities.

There must be no criminal and immigration related convictions against the applications.

The applicant must have sufficient funds to reside in Canada during the whole period of stay.

How to apply?

Applicants can apply for a visitor visa using both online and offline application modes. As part of the application, applicants are required to submit certain documents as well as answer some questions for review by the Canadian immigration office. As part of an online application, the applicants can submit scanned copies of all their documents.

Biometrics are also required to be submitted along with the application, except in certain special cases in person.

How does it go?

The application is processed and additional documents such as a medical report and a police certificate, which may be required are sent after the application is submitted. Applicants may be asked to give an interview to the Canadian officials after the application is submitted. Applications are typically processed in a few weeks or less.

The applicants’ identity is checked at the airport of arrival using biometric authentication. Children are also required to undergo the same process as adults.

The allowed duration of stay may be stamped on the passport, or a visitor record, stating the period till which the visitor can stay can be given at the time of entry at the airports. Visitors can typically stay up to 6 months or till the passport expires.

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