Spouse open work permit


What is Spouse Open Work Permit?

spouse open work permit allows the sponsored spouse to work in Canada. If a spouse has been sponsored, all they need is a work permit in Canada to initiate their professional careers in the country.

Procedures of Open Work Permit

A spouse who is being sponsored can apply for an open work permit. Generally, an open work permit takes 4-5 months to process. However, the necessary conditions for the approval of the open work permit are:

  • The spouse must not start working before the approval of the application.
  • The legal status of a student, visitor, or worker must be maintained in Canada.

An open work permit allows a person to work for any employer in Canada except:

  • The employers are enlisted as ineligible by the Canadian rule due to irregularities
  • If the work is of sexual or erotic nature.

Procedures of Open Work Permit

If you are getting sponsored, there are three conditions which can arrive for spouse Open Work Permit

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If the sponsorship documents have not been submitted:

  • All three applications, i.e., Sponsorship, Work Permit, and Permanent residence, will be put together.
  • Proof of payments for all the applications will also be added in the same envelope.
  • All the documents need to be forwarded to the CPC-M office in Ontario.

If the permanent resident has not been approved:

  • Send the completed application to CPC-M office.
  • Make sure to add all the supporting documents and proof of payment.
  • The processing time for application may vary.

If the permanent resident has been approved

  • The spouse can apply for spouse open work permit online or Inmail.
  • All the supporting documents must be attached.