What is it?

Study Permit is document issued by the Government of Canada that International/Foreign students need to obtain in order to attend a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. A Study Permit is NOT a Visa. A Visitor Visa or electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is often provided if the Study Permit is approved by the Government.

Who can apply?

The applicant needs to:

  • Be enrolled at i.e. obtain a Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  • Have the proof that applicant will be able to bear the financial requirements of–
    • Tuition Fees
    • Living expenses of self and of any family members who will come along to Canada.
    • Return transportation of self and of any family members who will come along to Canada.
  • Obey the law, have no criminal records and get a Police Clearance Certificate (if required).
  • Be medically fit and have a medical certificate (if required).
  • Satisfy the immigration officer that he or she will leave Canada at the end of the stay authorized by the study permit.A student does not need to apply for a Study Permit if the student is/has a:
  • Course/Program lasts less than 6 months
  • Family/Staff member of a foreign representative to Canada.
  • Member of the foreign armed force on official duties in Canada.
  • Registered Indian status in Canada (even if the student is not a citizen).

Required Documents to apply

  • These documents are to be carried by the student at all times:
    • Acceptance letter by the Institute.
    • A valid passport or travel document.
    • Proof that applicant can support themselves, and any family members who come along with Canada.
    • A Visitor Visa (temporary resident visa) or electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).
    • Letter of reference or any other documents as told by the visa office.

How long can you stay in Canada with a Study Permit?

    • Validity of a certain Study Permit includes an extra 90 days to let the student prepare to leave Canada or to apply for an extension of stay.
    • If the student needs to take pre-requisite courses before joining the main program, the validity of permit = length of course + 1 year. If student is accepted into the main program, he/she should apply for extension.
    • In any case, if the course isn’t completed by the expiration of the study permit and a student wants to study, then he/she ought to apply for an extension. Else, he/she will need to stop studying and leave Canada.
    • If the course is completed before the day mentioned in the study permit, the permit will be valid only up to 90 days after the course is actually completed, regardless of whatever day is printed on the Study Permit.

    The date of completion of course is the day when the student is notified about the transcript/completion letter/degree/diploma from the Institute. Also, the proof of the date must be provided by the student.

    Note: Leaving Canada is allowed in between the course duration, but the student needs to show the proofs when the student returns to Canada. The Permit and the Visitor Visa must be still valid when the student returns to Canada.

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